• Our heat sealer has been successfully validated on the liquid collection bag sealing for one of our key clients

    One of our key customers has successfully qualified their drape product according to the ASTM standard, the critical process is sealing the PE/PVC liquid collection bag with our heat sealer, the sealing process is very important and it entails high consistency of process stability, and good seali...
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    Could it be the ideal sealer for the medical and pharmaceutical market? The heat sealer Pro-HS001 combines sealing, packing and validation and can be configured to meet all your requirements. The various options this offers you are set out in this article. ...
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  • How To Choose The Right Sealer For Your Setting

    A hermetic seal on flexible packaging can be achieved with any of our sealing machines, this quick guide will help you choose the unit that will work best for your production needs. Here is a simple description on our bestselling models: An Impulse hand sealer ...
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  • Which Heat Sealer is Best for My Material?

    April 6, 2021 by Traci Evling Choosing the right heat sealer can be stressful, but with Presto Automation it doesn’t have to be. We have created this overview of the various types of heat seal...
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  • Simplified Guide To Gown Guidelines

    Guidelines can help in gown selection. But which guidelines? Before you choose your surgical gowns, know the organizations and what their guidelines cover. AORN The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (A...
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  • Presto Automation provide high-performance heat-sealing machines for the medical devices

    Mar 24th, 2021 With the COVID-19 pandemic, grave concerns have been raised over a shortage of protective medical gear including the high-performance Surgical gown, Presto Automation has step...
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  • How to Properly Seal package with Heat sealing machines

    Mar 16th, 2021 How to Effectively Seal Packages with heat sealers Packages with insufficient seals can compromise your product and subsequently hurt your company. Inadequate sealing can resu...
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  • COVID-19 | Presto AUTOMATION Global Preparedness

    COVID-19 | Presto AUTOMATION Global Preparedness

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working around the clock to meet the needs of healthcare manufacturers so they can safely serve the patients who depend on them As a global manufacturer and distributor of equipment and service supplies, Presto Automation is an essent...
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  • Personal Protective Equipment supply updates

    As the pandemic surges, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) demand continues to increase significantly. Several challenges — beyond increased demand — are impacting the entire industry, including: ● Strains on shipping capacity by sea, air and land are causing PPE delive...
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  • Presto Automation focus its business in the medical device industry

    Presto Automation focus its business in the medical device industry

     As the world continues to deal with COVID-19, the disease caused by the most recent Coronavirus pandemic, one theme has run through all media outlets — the looming shortage of face masks and other non-woven protective medical gear including gowns and boots that doctors ...
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  • Advantages of Impulse heat sealing

    Advantages of Impulse heat sealing

    Easily meet AAMI Level 3&4 requirement according to PB70 standard consistently Excellent use with PVC, PE, PU, PP " thermoplastic fabrics coated, woven and non-woven material Multilanguage touch screen HMI operation with recipes memory Multipoint precision P LC tempe...
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