Pro-HS001 Heat sealer/lmpulse heat sealing machine

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Max sealing 3.2m (10.5’)
Welding Seam 6mm
Cycle time 4~6 seconds
Power 110V/50/60Hz 15~18KW
Air pressure 6~9 bar(kg/cm2)
Equipment Features Adjustable heating temperatures
Adjustable heating length
Wide range of materials To seal various materials such as SMS, PP, PE, Polymer, Foil, Tyvek and Nylon, non-woven fabric, Poly-coated non-woven fabric,Safety features located in the front and back of unit,Equipped with different types of heating band such as tapered, flat, curved and so on.


Advantages of Presto Impulse heat sealer

 Easily meet AAMI Level 3&4 requirement according to PB70 standard consistently;

 Excellent use with PVC, PE, PU, PP " thermoplastic fabrics coated, woven and non-woven material;

 Multilanguage touch screen HMI operation with recipes memory;

 Multipoint precision P LC temperature control ( ± 3 )P LC controlled heating and cooling cycles for consistent welding;

 Shorter cyele time with 4~6 seconds, reliable sealing performance;

 Advanced safety features with pressure switch;

 ● Protective apparel, including isolation gowns, Surgical gown is governed by a set of standards and test methods established by AAMI (The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation). ANSI (American National Standards Institute)/AAMI PB70:2012 is the standard that establishes a classification system (levels 1-4) for protective apparel used in healthcare facilities based on liquid barrier performance using standardized test methods

 ● The American Association for the Development of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) standards are designed to help medical device companies meet global standards for the safe use of medical devices. AAMI volunteer medical ANSI / AAMI PB70: 2012, Classification of Liquid Barrier Performance and Protective Clothing and Drapes for Use in Healthcare Facilities, For use in healthcare facilities to identify key identification measures for the selection of suitable protective clothing and drapes such as medical gowns (Pfiedler Enterprises, 2016). The classification of AAMI suits results in four levels of barrier performance, measured in accordance with the following standard tests:

 ● AATCC 42-2017: Measures the resistance of fabrics to water penetration (AATCC, 2018).

  AATCC 127-2017: Measures the fabric's resistance to water penetration under hydrostatic pressure (AATCC, 2017).

 ● ASTM F1670-17: Evaluate the resistance of materials used in protective clothing to penetration through synthetic blood under conditions of constant fluid contact (ASTM, 2017).

 ● ASTM F1671-13: Measure penetration by bloodborne pathogens using a surrogate microbe under continuous fluid contact conditions (ASTM, 2013)

 ● AAMI Levels

 ● Standard ANSI / AAMI PB70: Defining the best level of protection for 2012 includes understanding the critical areas of a dress and what each barrier performance level means, so that the best gown is chosen for use by healthcare professionals.

 ● Critical zones for gowns consist of gowns and sleeves, both of which are the primary areas at highest risk of exposure to fluids and blood-borne pathogens. The higher the level, the greater the need for more barrier protection for the entire critical area.

 ● LEVEL 1: Minimum level of liquid barrier protection

 ● LEVEL 2: Low level of liquid barrier protection

 ● LEVEL 3: Medium liquid barrier protection

 ● LEVEL 4: Highest level of fluid and viral barrier protection      


AAMI 3&4 test report in Nelson lab

Why not ultrasonic welding?

  The gap between horn and roller is critical for the welding performance, for most of the ultrasonic welders the gaps can not be controlled precisely, thereby the welding quality can not be guaranteed for the high demanding product.

  The ultrasonic welder is almost manual, the process cycle time is much longer than the heat sealing(almost double), and there is going to be longer learning curve for the operators.

  Ultrasonic welding will cause tiny pin holes unperceivable to the naked eye which will fail the product due to the bacteria penetration.


Wide range of heating band

Presto Automation is also a solution provider for all kinds of industry application

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